jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Software : The three eras de R.L. Glass

- The Pioneering Era (1955-1965)

"One of the odder changes that has happened in the field over the years is that there are fewer women than in its early days)", p. 13
"programmers debated whether real programmers should do assembly language or whether using these new-frangled HOLs (high-order languages, FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL) was also legitimate"
"Software was, incredibly, free! Hardware vendors gave aways systems software (because they could not sell their hardware without it). [...] The notion of reuse flourished."

- The Stabilizing Era (1965-1980)

L'arrivée de l'IBM 360, plus besoin de récrire quand on changeait de modèle.
"although scientific programmers usually had bachelor's degrees, business programmers sometimes had only associate degrees. There was a superiority complex probleme that brewed trouble. At one such company, a scientific programmer only half jested: "I don't mind working with business programmers, but I wouldn't want my daughter to marry one!"

- The Micro Era (1980- the present, i.e. 1998)

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