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Trois volumes des Oeuvres d'Abélard et Héloïse par Roland Denise Oberson

Je reçois un courriel de l'auteur que j'avais eu le plaisir d'accueillir à Nantes lors de la Conférence " Abélard à l'aube des universités"

Il y aura trois volumes qui vont se suivre. Voici lepremier tout simple; un texte continu en traduction littérale de la premièreimpression des Œuvres de nos deux amis. Le deuxième est le même texte. Mais il estréparti et étroitement confronté au texte latin de 1615 en deux colonnesjuxtalinéaires sous 4542 items numérotés. La traduction est très littérale, donc motpour mot. Le troisième volume renferme les remarques du traducteur expliquantpourquoi il se permet de proposer une autre explication à l'origine des malheurs deces deux êtres d'exception. 
Ces trois ouvrages vont se suivre. Avec toute mon 
Roland Denise Oberson

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 Abelard Correspondence with Heloise Literal Translation
Authored by Roland Denise Oberson
Edition: 1 Often, human affects are either provoked or mitigated more amply by examplesthan by words. Therefore, after some comfort through discussion held in yourpresence, a letter of consolation about the same experiences of my ownmisfortunes, I decided to write to the absent; so that, in comparison tomine, your trials, you should recognize, are either nothing, or slight, andyou'll bear them more tolerably.
The enduring love story of Abelard and Heloise, captured in their famed series ofletters from the twelfth century, has been a favorite topic for scholars since itwas published and first printed in 1615. But in his revelatory debut,Abelard-Heloise Correspondence, author Roland Denise Oberson sheds a new-andshocking-light on this beloved literary monument of Western civilization.
This first literal English translation of Heloise and Abelard's letters to eachother allows Oberson to reveal a radically different account of the events that tookplace between these two academics. Through painstaking study of more than fifteenyears, the author has translated the love letters of their correspondence word forword. What he discovered runs in complete opposition to the prevailing opinion thatHeloise and Abelard had an illicit sexual liaison that resulted in an illegitimatechild, which eventually led them to enter the regular monastic life.

Instead Oberson reveals that the Latin text, so often not indisputably translated,is not a collection of love letters but a clandestine account of what actuallyhappened and a study in redemption. Heloise was actually a young teen when she wasraped by a tutor, should the occasion arise, her "uncle", resulting in the birth ofa bastard, Astrolabius, whom previous texts identified as having been fathered byAbelard.

The series of letters, thus translated, acts as a testimony to the enduringfriendship and "castrated" love between two true friends. Abelard was in actuality adedicated monk, determined to help his injured friend through her pain andsuffering. Their correspondence highlights the wisdom and peace that each gainedfrom both their time in the church and their relationship with each other.
Oberson's literal translation of the text demonstrates the difficulties that existin reading and interpreting what was essentially a clandestine and someway aself-deprecating text. Care must be taken when handling such an important text, bothby the translator, who must not betray the words on the page, and by the reader, whomust practice mindful examination. Abelard-Heloise Correspondence is the author'srebuttal to one of the biggest mistakes of literary history in its depiction ofAbelard and Heloise's relationship.
Anyone whose life has been touched by the epic story of Abelard and Heloise willfind Oberson's debut a must read. It is a historical update to a long-beloved story,an update that will set right the many faulty interpretations that have endured forso many years. The words of these lifelong friends find a new richness and life inOberson's literal translation, which proves to be second to none.

Roland Denise Oberson's academic studies include human sciences, medicine,languages, and philosophy. Due to such an extensive and varied background, the storyof Heloise and Abelard proved particularly interesting to the author. He thereforeset out to correct the misinterpretation of a largely misunderstood text.

Publication Date :févr. 06 2014
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