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La vie d'Alan Turing par sa mère et son frère

Excited about The Imitation Game? Read more on the life of Turing, as
written by his mother.
'The book is full of brilliant treasures, anecdotal accounts of Turing's
eccentricity and genius, and insights into his science ... This little
book, with its kaleidoscopic picture of Alan Turing's short life, goes
some way towards de-coding his mind, and his family.'-The Guardian

"In a short life he accomplished much, and to the roll of great
names in the history of his particular studies added his own." So is
described one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, yet Alan Turing's name
was not widely recognized until his contribution to the breaking of the
German Enigma code became public in the 1970's. The story of Turing's life
fascinates and in the years since his suicide, Turing's reputation has
only grown, as his contributions to logic, mathematics, computing, artificial intelligence and
computational biology have become better appreciated. To commemorate the
centenary of Turing's birth, this republication of the biography written
by his mother Sara Turing is enriched by a new foreword by Martin Davis and a never-before-published memoir by Alan's older brother. The contrast between this memoir and the original
biography reveals tensions and sheds new light on Turing's relationship with
his family, and on the man himself.


- Never-before-published contribution from Alan's brother, John Turing
- Unique personal insights from family, friends, teachers and colleagues
- The story of Turing's life from early childhood through to his death in

ISBN: 9781107524224
November 2014 I Paperback I L9.99
Other available formats:
Hardback, eBook

Praise for Alan M. Turing

"The world needed Alan Turing in the early years of computer science, and
it still does."

Anthony L. Clapes, Computing Reviews

"The book does effectively portray both Alan Turing's life and work. I
recommend this book not only to people interested in Alan's scientific
achievements, but to anyone who would like to meet a genius of the modern

Rita Puzmanova, Computing Reviews

Un message de Cambridge University Press

Je sais, je sais, vous vous attendiez à ce que je parle du livre de Valéry, celle de notre François.
Je ne suis pas un bon commercial ! Notre François est bien meilleur que moi !

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JoëlP a dit…

Non. Franchement, j'aime bien (mieux) que tu nous parles du livre sur Turing que de... de qui au fait ?
Pour info, il y a un biopic, disons une biographie qui va sortir en janvier.

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