dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Je me souviens de Manitas de Plata

Quel guitariste !

Je le voyais dans les rues de Montpellier en 1971-72 dans de grandes voitures.

Il est décédé il y a peu.



J'apprends qu'il est mort pauvre..

"At one time he was considered Europe’s best-known artist and, with sales of more than 90 million albums, he remains France’s biggest-selling artist.
Unfortunately, since de Plata was totally illiterate he was unable to read the reviews. Nor was he any good with money. He made a fortune but, distrusting banks, was said to keep his money in a safe. He spent much of it on women, casinos and fast cars – and on his family; at one point he was said to be supporting an extended clan of up to 80 relations. Many were his own children, of which he was said to have between 24 and 28 by various different women, though he was unsure of the exact number.
Nor did he believe in paying taxes. As a result the French authorities eventually blocked his earnings from royalties and copyrights. By the time of his death he was penniless."
The Telegraph nous dit des choses que ne nous ont pas dit nos radios nationales. Étonnant, n'est-ce pas !

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