mercredi 4 janvier 2017

Michael Moore déjeune à la cantine scolaire en France

Je lis tous les mois The Bugle, un journal anglais diffusé gratuitement en Limousin, Périgord.
Et j'y lis :

French school dinners hailed as restaurant quality 

Oscar-winning d o c u m e n t a r y maker Michael Moore has heaped praise on French school dinners in his most recent film, “Where to Invade Next”. In the documentary, which came out in September, Moore visits countries around the world to investigate aspects of life and culture and to see where America can learn to do things better. In the light-hearted film, Moore sits down with children at a

primary school in northern France to enjoy a meal of scallops, followed by lamb and a cheese course, a menu he says would not be out of place at an upmarket American restaurant. “I entered a small village in rural Normandy and went to one of the finest kitchens in the country,” explained the filmmaker during the documentary. “By my standards, it was a 3, maybe a 4-star kitchen. It was definitely the best place to eat in town... it was the school cafeteria!”

et dans l'éditorial :

"As it happens - and as the documentary rightly points out - school meals in France are exceptional, which made the decision for them to eat at the canteen a much easier one. Every day, my kids eat a balanced, four-course meal, and this does also take the pressure off in the evenings as I know that they have eaten well at least once that day. "

Et pendant ce temps, les CROUS pour répondre au goût de nos étudiants 3.0, détruisent des restaurants universitaires et achètent des flottes de "Food-Trucks" (oui, oui, il FAUT causer ingliche. Et ne pas avoir peur du ridicule en face des étudiants étrangers !). Les Kebabs fleurissent. Quand on sait quelle est la qualité de la nourriture... Et les super-marchés de quartiers ont installé des lieux pour que les jeunes viennent siroter leurs boissons fluos bien sucrées et quelques produits à la composition chargée. Tout ça pour le prix d'un three course meal (comme disent les Britishs et les Ricains.) équilibré à la cantine

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