vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Nantes, Scopitone à Stéréolux : Touchy

"To make possible a human camera, the artist transposes the functions of a camera to a wearable helmet device comprising of a pair of automated shutters, a functioning camera and an interactive screen. The shutters are used to blind Touchy: only your touch will activate their opening and allow Touchy to see. When a human contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the front facing camera captures an image, which is displayed on the back facing screen for the user to access. Metaphorically, Touchy lives in an isolating cage built by the experience of total darkness, as if he is encountering the same sensuous withdrawal as some social disorder patients have. Your effortless touch is an action of giving vision and taking photos, which heals the anxiety and generates a playful interaction that invites people to have fun and reinterprets the way we use cameras."

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