mercredi 13 février 2013

Dieu, le paradis, Bernard Pivot et les oreilles des Américains des USA

"James Lipton was inspired to create Inside the Actors Studio by a chance viewing of a Pivot program on cable TV. Lipton adapted Pivot's use of a Proust Questionnaire to one that he himself used at the end of each episode of Inside the Actors Studio.[8]
However, the question : "If God exists, what would you like Him to tell you when you're dead ?" was considered potentially offensive for the US audience, and replaced by a more accepted "If paradise exists, what would you like God to tell you when you're dead ?". A physicist answered : "Come here, there are some things we have to explain to you".
Pivot became aware that Lipton was inspired by his questionnaire, and invited Lipton to appear on the final episode of Bouillon de Culture."

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