mercredi 23 novembre 2016

L'uniforme à l'école, collège, lycée, la France l'impose...dans ses établissements à l'étranger

Winston Churchill Dress Code
While at school we want our pupils to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements in an environment where the emphasis is on pride in the school community. We have therefore implemented a dress code for all pupils that reflects our identity and promotes equality.
Please note that some items need to be purchased from the school’s chosen supplier who will offer online orders and home delivery.
The daily dress code consists of:
-Smart trousers, skirt or cropped-trousers in navy (from Stevensons).
-Smart jeans (or navy, 5-pocket 'slim trousers'), leggings and chinos are not allowed.
-A white shirt or polo shirt, with collar and buttons (from any supplier).
-A v-neck jumper (with school logo: from Stevensons) in any of the 4 available colours.
-Other upper-body wear is not allowed.
-Students must wear smart leather shoes (in black, brown or navy).
-Bright, or casual footwear will not be permitted onto the grounds.
-Trainers are not allowed, however smart (fully-) black leather trainers are permissible.
On dressy occasions (field trips, assemblies, visit of dignitaries), we require pupils wear a tie provided by the School in two colours matching the jumpers.
PE kit:
- PE kit items are available for online order from Recognition Express West London.

Ah ah ! 

François Fillon sait cela  ! sa femme est anglaise. D'ailleurs, il nous a dit l'autre soir à la télé qu'il faisait la cuisine à la maison.

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